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November 27, 2013:
Governor Chris Christie is seen as getting a fat stigma despite having surgery and losing weight, but the thought is that he may at a disadvantage in the 2016 election as a GOP candidate. Of course these naysayers are also totally missing the fact that you aren't going to get nominated if you're always kowtowing to the leader of the opposition.Fat stigma is shown to last beyond obesity and leads to negative impression of people even when they become thin. This would seem to indicate that obesity-related attitudes are a form of prejudice that may be hard to combat. In essence, people who had been overweight in the past were viewed as less attractive when their prior weight was revealed.


Weight Bias:

As many as two thirds of American women are overweight or obese, and weight bias is seen in hiring and retention decisions. This could conceivably lead to lawsuits.

Global Fat Stigma Grows With Obesity Debate

Worldwide Attitudes About Overweight People Turn Negative

A recent Arizona State University study regarding the attitude of people toward obesity shows that the "fat stigma," or a negative attitude toward the overweight, is increasing around the world. In some cases, places that had previously had positive attitudes ("big is beautiful") about plus-sized individuals has now turned negative. In some cases this may be relative to the health problems and costs associated with obesity, or the international dislike of countries where people are more likely to be larger. In the US, there is a much lower stigmatization of obesity than in other countries. Some unusual examples of fat stigmatazation include blaming obese people for global warming, and crediting them with the rise in food prices. A contributing factor to the fat stigma is the idea that overweight people have a moral failing or lack of willpower, so these people are therefore "weak" compared to people who may only be blessed with a faster metabolism. Unfortunately, the fat stigma works against the overweight, as it can cause feelings of inadequacy and rejection that have a real impact on health and may prevent them from seeking help.

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